Sunday, July 29, 2007

From within

In the process of simplifying and renewing, perhaps one of the most important aspects is that of purifying our bodies and souls. I am wondering if maybe that is where I went wrong a few months ago. I was so focused on the outer, on getting a clean house, on reducing the amount of "stuff" we have, that I didn't pay attention to what was going on within myself.

This week, I am trying something new. For one week, I am going to eat only those fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that can be eaten raw. With the kids away at camp, this is the perfect time to embark on something like this. Yesterday and today, I have eaten mainly fresh fruit, along with some vegetables in huge green leafy salads. Today I'm feeling a little tired, but otherwise I feel great. My mind seems a littler sharper and I'm feeling more hopeful and optimistic. Definitely not as "down" as I've been for so long now. I have no idea if this is related only to the food I'm eating, but I'm sure that has contributed greatly.

I don't have an inclination to become completely raw, although I think its great for those who do. But for too long now, I've been eating, basically cr*p. Part of it has to do with being in a state of depression and not having the energy to really do anything. Fixing a healthy meal has been so far out of my radar lately its not even funny. But then of course this becomes a cycle because when you eat only cr*p, then you feel like cr*p. So I would like for the vast majority of my food to be raw, fresh fruits, vegetable, nuts and needs, along with things like bean, lentils, vegetable soups, etc. More than anything right now, I am getting rid of anything with artificial flavors colors, high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, etc. Through this, I will pretty much stop bringing processed foods into our home, automatically resulting in less trash for me to deal with.

Now I wish I could figure out a way to compost the scraps from all these fruits and veggies. We're in an apartment with no patio, balcony or yard.

Any ideas for me??


jessica said...

Good luck! I've been wanting to try a raw diet, but am still hooked on the bread and cheese.

Catherine said...

Gavi, you are a perfect candidate for a worm bin to deal with your fruit and veggie scraps! You can keep it in a closet or pantry, and there's no smell (as long as it's working correctly)!

Some good links are and