Thursday, August 02, 2007

Downshift Your Driving -- Go Car Free One Day a Week

It takes total carbon dioxide emissions from most countries worldwide combined to equal just vehicle emissions in the United States, and as we consume more and more gas, pressure builds to drill in fragile and conflict-ridden areas. Yet a quarter of the trips Americans make are within walking distance, and each American driver could keep nearly a thousand pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air by taking the Carbon Conscious Consumer pledge to find an alternative to driving only one day each week. With gas prices so high, now is a great time to start reducing our reliance on cars.

Each month from July to December, Carbon Conscious Consumer will highlight a new, simple way each individual can make an impact, plus show the difference each person makes both individually and along with the people they’ve influenced; prizes go to participants who influence the most new pledges.

This August, keep the car in the driveway one day each week. Each gallon of gas that goes unused keeps twenty pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. You can even go one step further and use information you find on to improve your gas mileage for the times you do have to drive. Visit the website now to get started.

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Groovy Mom said...

This is interesting. Every now and then I'll be reflecting on that day and I'll think -- Wow, I've gone without driving, without spending. Cool.

I definitely try to lump my errand running together instead of running around on separate trips throughout the week. It is a good thing to(anyone on a bus line) remember that the buses run if you are on them or not. Hopping on makes one less car on the road.

Good post :)