Friday, October 27, 2006

A visit to Cindy's Porch

How often do we go out and buy something, then later realize that we either don't really need it or already have the same (or similar) item at home?

I've found a great website whose principles totally fit into the Compacting lifestyle. At Cindy's Porch, the three cardinal rules for "rediscovering" your money are:

  1. DO instead of BUY If you can open your mind to how you can DO something, instead of BUY something, you will be opening the door to treasures you never knew existed. You will rediscover the joys of family time, quiet time, nature, your pets, and yourself.
  2. SHOP at home FIRST OK, you have tried to apply the first rule. And you have concluded that you can't simply DO it and will actually have to BUY something. Time for the second rule: SHOP at home FIRST. Take a look in your cupboards, your freezer, your fridge, your cleaning supply stash, the basement, and the garage. I bet you already have whatever it is you want to buy (that's how we all end up with too many candles, ketchup, bottles of shampoo, and extension cords LOL). If you don't have exactly what you need, see if you can substitute. Is it a one time only need? Check and see if you can borrow from a neighbor.
  3. PROCRASTINATE You have made it past Rule 1. Then you applied Rule 2, and no, you cannot shop at home first. You have to go to a store. Time for the third rule: procrastination. You have heard that procrastination is a bad thing right? Wrong! At least not when you are planning on spending money. Procrastination does two things. Either you will find out that you actually didn't need it in the first place, or you will find exactly what you want at exactly the price you are willing to pay.

Cindy has got lots of ideas about how to go about saving money, living simply & frugally, without feeling "deprived". There are lots of seasonal and holiday ideas, as well as the constant reminders to "do instead of buy" and "shop at home first". You can also print out different types of lists, pantry inventory sheets, meal plans, etc.

I highly recommend you take a visit over to Cindy's Porch, have a cup of tea, and get great ideas to incorporate into your life as well.


BurdockBoy said...

That's a good list. I also find that substitution works well (which kind of goes along with shop at home). Especially with cooking. I used to follow recipes meticulously, but now if I'm out of something I generally will try something I do have in it's place. It won't always work, but often does.

chasmyn said...

Excellent list! Thanks for sharing that resource.

Jenny said...

That's a great link! I really like the "shop at home tip."

Melissa - WA said...

I can't seem to link to Cindy's Porch. Has something changed since this post?


Gavrielah said...

Hi Melissa,
I'm not aware of any changes, the site might just be down right now. If I find out anything different, I'll come back here to update.


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Procrastination Free Living said...

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